MAHALO was a girl who lived in Hawaii and was friends with everyone. She enjoyed taking long walks with her pet TUCAN from the beach to the top of the volcano.

The people of the island believed every 50 years an offering had to be done in order to keep the goddess of the volcano happy, and MAHALO was the chosen one to give this offering, she had to take the sacred and magical TOTEM from the volcano and place it in the bottom of the ocean. So off they went on a surfboard to the open sea. TUCAN flew high up to have a good view to tell her where to place the TOTEM, but at that moment a huge wave came across and knocked the surfboard over. MAHALO got hit in the head and lost conscious.

The surprise that she discovered when she woke up was fascinating! Under the sea the animals lived in a spectacular colorful party, there were FISH WITH WINGS, a giant turtle that could sing, and even TUCAN was there having fun with the dancing oysters, sipping coconut water served by an elegant seahorse. There were palm trees inside the ocean waving as the tide moved them, and lovely colorful flowers, seaweed, corals and starfish decorating the ground. The beauty of both worlds came together in the ocean and that’s were she wanted to stay, so she did.


In Costumini Kids we love to invent stories to inspire our collections.
With each garment that you bring home you will find a story.
To make these tales we like to collaborate with other creative people.